There are two ways you can use this application. You can use ‘Check my pay’ or ‘Check my payroll’. 'Check my pay' is intended for individuals, as it will help you find your award. 'Check my payroll' is intended for employers, as it will handle multiple employees. To select which one to use, click the link towards the top of the page. Each of the two ways contains a series of steps you have to move through. These steps are listed below the links for 'Check my pay' and 'Check my payroll'. When you have completed a step, submit this by pressing the button towards the bottom of the page. This will load the next step. Note that the page does not reload, the content is simply changed. Once a step has been completed you can always move back to it by clicking the link in the listing of steps.
These links change the content below the links Check my pay - Selected Check my payroll
The steps of the application: